ultimo series
  • Designed for high end instruments, top of the line fittings.
  • Premium quality wood used in manufacturing. Only Natural Ebony, European Boxwood, Snakewood and top quality Rosewood used.
  • All pores are double filled for a smoother finish and stronger, durable product.
  • Manufactured to a high degree of precision.
  • European cork sheet used for chinrest and hardware.
  • 800 Grit finish.
  • Titanium hardware available.
  • Premium packaging in wooden boxes.

preciso series
  • Wood used is of top quality – Stained Ebony, Tintul (Tamarind) and Indian Boxwood.
  • Silicone rubber / Indian cork sheet used on hardware and chinrest.
  • Look and finish match premium quality fittings.
  • Stainless steel hardware for all chinrests.
  • Targeted towards step-up instruments.
  • Top quality design and precision.
  • 600 Grit finish with filled pores.



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The AcuraMeister brand was founded on the Talwar Brothers family tradition since 1948 as one of India’s leading wood specialists for the music trade. Devoted exclusively to string instrument fittings market, AcuraMeister serves fine luthiers worldwide through adherence to the most highly refined technical and aesthetic standards, through responsible sourcing of the finest tonewoods, through innovative design and engineering, and through production methodology which ensures unwavering consistency and exceptional value.

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Acurameister Insight Endpins for the Violin and Viola

Acurameister Insight Endpins are unique in the sense that it allows you the ease of examining the alignment of the sound post without disturbing the setup of the instruments, saving time and money for your luthier. The Insight Endpin looks identical to a conventional endpin. Fit in tightly, this allows perfect sound transfer between tailpiece, instrument and end pin. Regardless of the changes in climate, the special locking design of the Insight Endpin will neither loosen, buzz or vibrate.

Acurameister endpins carry the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship made out from the finest quality of professionally selected old, well matured choicest woods. Each piece is designed following special procedures and handcrafted with precise detail and symmetry to provide maximum support to your acoustic potential.

InSight Endpin

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    The InSight endpin looks identical to a conventional endpin, yet can reduce the time and cost of checking an instrument's interior.

  • 2

    To check the alignment of the soundpost without disturbing the setup of the instrument, simply withdraw the head and shaft and peer inside. Reinsert after inspection.

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    Regardless of changes in climate, the ingenious locking design of the InSight endpin ensures that it will neither loosen nor buzz.

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    Available in Ebony, Boxwood, Tamarind or Snakewood in ring & ball, three groove and plain designs.

DaVinci Cello and Bass Endpins

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    Conventional in appearance and installation, this is easily the most sophisticated and secure endpin available.

  • 2

    Among its many features, the remarkable DaVinci rod and pressure-collar mechanism is engineered for ultra-precise surface-to-surface contact. The result is up to 120 kg (265 lbs) holding power with fingertip ease.

  • 3

    A variety of rod materials, dimensions and tip options are available to meet specific preferences.

Acurameister sets

  • ultimo sets
  • preciso sets

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