About Us


In 2014, AcuraMeister makes its debut as a new, proud, flagship division of Talwar Brothers. Since establishing itself in 1948 as one of India’s leading wood specialists for the music trade, the parent company has been immersed in supplying the needs of distinguished instrument companies worldwide, including in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

The founder’s son, Vijay Talwar, who earned his Masters in Wood Technology degree from the University of Hamburg, assumed direction of the company in the mid-1960s. Under his leadership, the firm has elevated its technical sophistication to an extraordinary level, and has expanded its premium-level production capacity to meet growing demand. Not surprisingly, in recent years, the firm has emerged as an increasingly important OEM resource for some of Europe’s most discerning fittings suppliers

Today, a third generation is fully engaged in extending and elevating the company tradition of innovation and quality. Through AcuraMeister, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of premium string instrument fittings to that valued community of fine string shops and luthiers, and committed to serving those seeking to provide their own customers with world class precision, classical elegance, and unparalleled value.