Luthier's Apron

  • 2

    five vertical chest pockets provide ample space for a pen, marker, scale, tape, cell phone, drawings, notebook, etc.

  • 3

    a two-way horizontal pencil pocket keeps the pencil point away from the chin, and is equally good for the left or right handed luthier.

  • 6
    • Choice of Fabric
    • indico denim
    • indigo denim with genuine black leather pockets
    • black polysatin
    • black polysatin with genuine black leather pockets
    • all leather
    • Available in small and large sizes
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    shoulder straps, instead of neck straps, make for comfortable all day use, preventing chafing on the back of the neck.

  • 4

    novel design of the four waist pockets ensure they don’t catch sawdust or wood savings

  • 5

    pleated apron design allows for covergae and comfort while seated.

  • 7

    denim breathes and is good for wood work. black polysatin is oil and water repellent, good for varnish work. leather is good for wood work as as well for varnish work.