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HILL STYLE PEG - STAINED EBONY with BEIGE (Boxwood) Collar & Pin

Exquisitely crafted, superior quality and affordable German-style pegs for the Violin and Viola. Made in India, these beautiful hand-made fittings are made from the finest quality of professionally selected old, well matured choicest woods.

Peg Collars are locked into grooves on the peg shafts and also glued in. Regardless of climate change, the collars can never loosen. The high density and homogeneous nature of the wood provides maximum support to your acoustic potential.
The fittings are acclimatized for 2 to 3 weeks in climate controlled rooms before peg shaving, collar fitting etc.

The top notch workmanship combines with the exquisite design to produce precision fittings that compliment your instrument. Aficionados can get a wide variety of wood choices in the form of Indian Boxwood, Ebony, Tintul collar & pin.

  • Violin
  • Viola
  Item code Shaft
Item codeNPL-62S ShaftSmall
Item codeNPL-62M ShaftMedium
Item codeNPL-62L ShaftLarge
  item code Shaft
APL-62S Small
APL-62M Medium
APL-62L Large

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