Why Acurameister

Air Drying of Wood ( upto 3 years)

All our wood is sawn, air dried and kiln dried in house. The logs are quarter cut and blanks are sawn along the grain. The wooden blanks are then naturally air dried from 4 months to 2 years till about 20% moisture content is achieved. The air dried wood is then finally dried in the kiln to approximately 8% -10% moisture content.

The wood is now ready for precision machining and will not warp.


Factory floor

Peg Collar

Peg Collars are mechanically locked into grooves on the peg shaft and also chemically glued in. Regardless of further climatic changes, the collars cannot loosen.

Tail gut

Unlike other normal tailpieces, the tailgut holes on Acurameister tailpieces are angled outwards so that the tailgut is not kinked under tension. The holes are also angles inwards resulting in a lighter and stronger tailpiece.